Best Finale to a Magic Show

San Diego Birthday Party Magician Josh LondonAs a magician my search for the ultimate magic trick is never ending. I always get a little close and the routine is well choreographed, extremely entertaining and fun, but I am always on the search for the routine that makes my audience feel great!

Well, I think I’ve found it!

Here’s what happens: For the very last trick of the Birthday Party Magic Show I invite the birthday child up along with a friend. The kids are given a stack of alphabet cards (a different letter on each card) and they mix them up. A ribbon goes in an empty bag then the cards.

The bag is shuffled up and the kids pull out the AMAZING “Happy Birthday” sign!

Can you imagine a better photo opportunity for your child’s birthday party? I’ve done this routine over 2 dozen times and it never fails to get a great response and even better photos.

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Josh London