Birthday Party Tip: No Food

Every birthday party I am invited to perform at has food, cake, candy, drinks and more tasty goodies than I can remember. And why not?! You invite guests from all over San Diego to celebrate the birthday boy or girl on their special day with good food, a quality magic show and fun times.

I am often asked what I need in order to provide an amazing performance. The first thing I tell my customers is No Food during the show.

There are 2 reasons food during the magic show is discouraged:

  1. Food will Spill: Food in the hands of children is unpredictable. I’ve seen chocolate cake smeared across $5,000 rugs, sodas dropped and other food disasters. One of the best things about my magic show is the non-stop laughter. Kids laugh so hard at my show (and I think me) that holding a cupcake is the furthest thing on their mind.
  2. Distraction: When kids eat delicious foods they are distracted and not able to concentrate on the magic show. It’s hard to compete with all the candy and goodies at parties. Holding the attention of 5 year olds for 45 minutes is an art in itself and I’ve seen eyes wander to the yummy treats during the show before.

There are a lot of variables that go into a successful birthday party and holding back the delicious treats is one way that will help the magic show be flawlessly executed.

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