Magician Birthday Invitations

Magician Birthday InvitationsHaving a birthday party or even a family event and want to create buzz leading up to the party?

Over the course of my career performing magic shows (over 3,000 to date) I found that when my clients have a custom Magician Birthday Invitation to help promote the party the show is highly anticipated by the guests.

Imagine an invitation comes in the mail inviting you to a classmates birthday party and with the invitation is a Custom Birthday Party Invitation giving you the date, time and location of the birthday party and it even includes the start time of the magic show!

This truly gets guests ready for a great party and it reminds them that this party will be different than any other party they’ve ever attended.

If you want to get your FREE Custom Birthday Party Invitation just book me for any event and along with the Email Confirmation you’ll receive a Custom Invitation to send with the invite or even attach to an email.