School Assemblies

Educational & Entertaining School Assemblies

Magician Josh London is often called upon by schools to educate and entertain their students with not only a high-quality magic show, but a learning show as well.

With 3 different magic and education programs available, your students will not only learn something, but they’ll have fun doing it! The best way to allow children to absorb important educational lessons is through an entertaining message and Josh London delivers!

Watch the review from Carrie Geldard, Principal at Discovery Elementary, San Marcos, CA…


“On behalf of the Doyle Elementary School PTA and our honored students, I wish to thank you for your outstanding performance…!” Kristy Longfellow, Doyle Elementary PTA

The Read to Achieve Magic Show

In this 45 minute magic show Magician Josh London will teach students the importance of learning to read, continuing to read and applying what they read in school and beyond.

Students will Learn:

  • How to Take Responsibility when Borrowing Books from the Library
  • Proper Library Etiquette
  • The Difference Between Fiction, Non Fiction, Biographies, Autobiographies and  More
  • How Books Can Come to Life
  • To Turn OFF the T.V. and Turn ON The Excitement of Reading

Just Say NO! Magic Show

Drugs and alcohol are a serious problem that students need to be aware of no matter what age. In this 45 minute educational magic  show Magician Josh London will share stories of how drug and alcohol abuse can lead to terrible consequences.

Magic is used throughout the program to reinforce the learning for students.

Students will Learn:

  • How to Make Wise Decisions When it Comes to Drugs and Alcohol
  • What Peer Pressure Looks Like
  • When to Just Say NO!

Student Appreciation Magic Show

When your students and staff have achieved a goal, received high marks on tests or just need to relax at the beginning, middle or end of the school year, Magician Josh London’s Student Appreciation Magic Show will be perfect!

In this 45 minute comedy packed magic show students will see their friends and teachers take part in a fun-filled magic show that never embarrasses.